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Transition from a home-based business

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Starting your own business can both be exciting and scary, and often the best bit of advice for new business owners is to keep your overheads to an absolute minimum. It makes far more sense to involve working capital in the profitable side of the business, which is why so many people actually start from home. On the basis that the business looks to have every potential to be successful, there will likely come a stage where you will need more room to operate. As an example you could have started out selling a small selection of items on eBay, but as the business has grown, you have begun to run out of room for stock.

The traditional route from here would be to rent an office with additional storage space, but in this day and age, and if you are based in Kent, you will know that office space isn’t cheap. Thanks to Kent Space, there is a brilliant solution to hand. They have self-storage units in Ashford and also Chatham which are new, temperature controlled and purpose-built and guess what, in the same building they have office space available as well. With easy access, ample parking and rents that are appreciably lower than a traditional office, you can also have the optional news of a receptionist to take calls, your own official business address and mailbox and the opportunity to make your business look more professional well being able to run it extremely efficiently.

If you spoke to any business adviser, they would happily tell you that this type of environment will give your business a far greater chance of success as you will still be able to invest more of your money in stock and advertising than paying substantial rent and other unnecessary expenses. To get a better understanding of what we are talking about, why not give us a call and arrange to come in and see us so we can show you round are storage units in Kent and also the ideal office space to go with it.